Error 50181 when launching Noah 4:

Solution 1

If the reboot instructed in the message does not resolve the error, restart the Noah Server service and the Noah Client service.

Solution 2

If restarting the Noah Server and Noah Client services does not resolve the error, it may be that the BusinessSystemSettings.xml file has been corrupted. This file contains basic information Noah needs to launch, for example liked language version, installation type, profile name, and server name.

To resolve:

  1. First, End process on Noah 4.exe
  2. Locate BusinessSystemSettings.xml at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah. For help locating hidden xml files click here.
  3. Right click on the file and choose Edit, if the file is blank, the file is corrupted
  4. Close the file, right click, choose Rename, rename the file extension .xml to .old
  5. Launch Noah
  6. The Migration and Configuration Wizard will launch, choose to NOT migrate and re-select the appropriate configuration:

Solution 3

Error 50181 will occur if the Noah user tries to use ‘Fast user switching’. For example, User A is logged in to Noah on PC #1. User B comes along and uses the Windows ‘Switch User’ function to log into the same PC #1. When User B tries to open Noah, they will see error 50181. Noah does not support fast user switching but will include a better error message in a future Noah 4 release.