Description: HIMSA has become aware of an issue occurring when the Noah-supplied runtime converter converts admittance data stored in the latest format (501) down to an older format (e.g., format 500 and, conversely, format 100).

At this time, it appears some data is not stored as expected in format 501 and HIMSA has asked Natus to address the issue.

Q: How do I know if I am experiencing this problem?

A: (for hearing care professionals): If you have saved tympanometry and acoustic reflex data with Otosuite 4.92 and another Noah-compatible application (e.g. most likely a Noah compatible business system) that typically can display this data is not, then it is likely that this issue applies to you.

A: (for member company developers): If your application supports format 500 admittance data, relies on converting data down, and the converted data is effectively empty, then this issue applies to you.

Workarounds: The only known workaround is to install a version of Otosuite prior to the release of 4.92.

Permanent Solution: Unknown at this time. HIMSA has not received any information from Natus.