There are very few installations of NOAH 3 left in the field. It would be especially unlikely to have NOAH 3 on a supported operating system. If a location is using NOAH 3, the move to Noah 4 will likely be on a new computer.

In this case the right course of action is:

  • Install the latest Noah 4 on the new computer
  • License Noah on the new computer (you will need to use your Noah 3 license registration number to download a Noah 4 license)
  • Install the latest version of certified modules on the new Noah 4. Never use old CD’s that may have outdated fitting or measurement modules. Search for the latest certified version of modules on the Module Certification status page on the HIMSA website.
  • Export the NOAH 3 patient database in the nha export format
    Important: Starting with Noah 4.15, support for the .nha file format is removed. If you have an .nha file from an older Noah version, you will need to import it into Noah 4.14 or earlier.
  • Import the database into Noah 4