A Noah for Research license is provided free of charge to research, educational and university organizations. To obtain a Noah for Research license, an organization must sign a binding contract which, among other things, prohibits the use of the license for commercial purposes.

A Noah for Research license may only be used only for educational and research purposes. For example, a research license may be used by a university to train audiology students in the use of Noah software.

A Noah for Research license may not be used:

  • for purposes such as the fitting of hearing aids for patients
  • for the unauthorized development of Noah compatible software
  • to run Noah on PCs outside the jurisdiction of the educational organization it is assigned to.

In particular, a Noah for Research license is not to be distributed to students for their private use.

When this license is installed, it will clearly indicate in the About Noah dialog that it is for research use only. Research licenses may be disabled/replaced at HIMSA’s discretion.

If you believe that your institution qualifies for a Noah for Research license, contact your distributor for more information.

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