Noah ES for Education is a low price subscription for educational and university organizations. To obtain a Noah ES for Education subscription, an organization must sign a binding contract which, among other things, prohibits the use of the account for commercial purposes.

A Noah ES for Education account includes:

  • Noah ES users at 25 Euro per user per year (for example, for 1 administrator account and 10 students accounts, the subscription would cost 275 Euro per year)
  • a 2 GB database limit

A Noah ES for Education account may only be used only for educational purposes, for example, to train audiology students in the use of Noah ES software and modules.

A Noah ES for for Education account may not be used:

  • for commercial purposes such as the fitting of hearing aids for patients
  • for the unauthorized development of Noah compatible software
  • to run Noah outside the jurisdiction of the educational organization it is assigned to.

If you believe that your institution qualifies for a Noah ES for Education account, contact HIMSA for more information.