A Noah sales and support license is provided free of charge only to HIMSA member companies.

A Noah sales and support license may only be used for the presentation, sale and support of HIMSA products by member company distributors on a computer which belongs to the member company or distributor. For example, a member company’s sales and support license may be used by all of their distributors to show the new features of the latest version of Noah System.

A Noah sales and support license may not be used:

  • for commercial purposes such as the fitting of hearing aids for patients
  • for the unauthorized development of Noah compatible software
  • to enable Noah or Noah compatible software at end user sites

It is never permissible to install a sales and support license on an end user’s computer, even on a temporary basis.

When this license is installed, it will clearly indicate in the About Noah dialog that it is a Sales license. Sales and support licenses may be disabled/replaced at HIMSA’s discretion.