A Noah Single PC-locked license is a low-price Noah license sold through distributors from HIMSA member companies. The actual price for a license is set by each distributor. This license is used by Audiologists (or similar) making use of Noah features and compatible modules to collect diagnostic data and/or program hearing instruments for profit or non-profit commercial purposes.

The Noah Single PC-locked license is locked to one PC and cannot be transferred to another PC once it has been registered. The PC must have Internet access in order to register the license.

A Noah Single PC-locked license:

  • may only be used on a single computer at one customer site/address/office. 
  • may only be installed once; once installed, the license cannot be moved to a different computer.
  • will be invalidated if you make major hardware or operating system changes to the PC on which it is installed; this includes reinstalling the operating system or updating the operating system, for example from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • IMPORTANT: Upgrading your PC to Windows 11 will invalidate your PC-locked license and you will need to purchase a new license for the PC.
  • may be used for patient visits away from the site/office (for example, if the license is installed on a laptop computer). 
  • may not be used to network Noah; this is not supported with a PC locked license.

When a Noah PC-locked license is installed, it will clearly indicate it is a locked license in the About Noah dialog. Illegally used Single PC-locked licenses may be disabled at HIMSA’s discretion.