A unique Noah WSI license file is provided free of charge to each HIMSA WSI member company. When installed, a Noah WSI license file enables WSI functionality in an existing Noah System installation.

NOTE: A WSI license does not replace the Noah license in a Noah System installation.

A Noah WSI license file is intended for use by WSI member companies for:

  • the presentation and sale of a member company’s WSI products. 
  • the development and internal testing of a member company’s WSI products 
  • the enabling of Noah WSI functionality for a member company’s customer, in accordance with HIMSA’s subscription fee policy.

A Noah WSI license may not be used:

  • to enable Noah WSI functionality not covered by HIMSA’s subscription fee policy.

When this license is installed, it will be clearly indicated in the Noah log file. WSI licenses may be disabled/replaced at HIMSA’s discretion.