Prerequisites for Noah

  • Noah Groups must be created or identified in Active Directory
  • Windows accounts that will use Noah must be added to appropriate Noah Group
  • The Administrator doing the integration must have their Windows account in the NoahAdministrators Group or group designated by IT for Noah Administrators
  • The Administrator doing the integration must know a Noah User that is an Administrator in Noah User Administration (create a Noah Administrator other than ABC or adm)

Once the above requirements have been met, enabling Noah with Active Directory can be done by IT or a Noah Administrator:

1. Launch the Noah Console

2. Navigate to Login under User Administration

3. You will be prompted for Noah User with Administrator privileges

4. Enter and Click OK

5. Under Advanced Security Settings, select ‘Use Active Directory Domain Services for logging in to Noah’

6. Select Configure

7. The default Active Directory Groups that correspond to the Noah access roles need to be listed here. The location can have IT create the HIMSA defined Groups or use appropriate groups identified by IT.

8. In the Configure box you are also presented with option to ‘Allow creation of user at login’,

If you want only IT or Noah Administrator to create the users in Noah that will be tied to the AD accounts, leave box blank

  • Users will still be able to enter their existing Noah user and link it to their Windows account

If you want to allow the hearing care professionals to create the user in Noah that will be linked to their AD account, put checkmark in box

  • This means that a Windows account that is correctly placed in a Noah Active Directory group will have the opportunity to create a new user in Noah

9. Choose to allow creation or leave box unchecked, Click OK

10. Click Apply

11. The ‘Verify Your Active Directory Account’ dialog opens

12. It should show the Windows user account that is logged in, this verifies that the Windows user is in the Active Directory group for Noah Administrators and shows that AD is enabled for the Noah Server

13. If the User box is blank, the Windows user account is not setup correctly for Noah in AD

14. Select Verify

15. You are presented with the dialog ‘Please Link to a Noah Account’

16. Enter the user (Administrator) from Noah User Administration that you wish to link to the logged in Windows User account

17. The Windows user, that has just been verified in the NoahAdministrators group in AD, will be linked to the selcted Noah User account

18. Choose Link

19. This message confirms that the Active Directory account is a Noah Administrator and has been successfully linked to a Noah Administrator account:

20. Next time a Noah Client logs on to Noah, it will be using Active Directory, so the user that logs in to the PC needs to be in one of the Noah groups in the AD

21. Close the Noah Console

22. Launch Noah

23 The first time a Noah Client launches to a server set up for Active Directory they will see the Noah User Administration login, this will always be presented the first login after the machine switch to AD

24. Click OK, Noah opens

25. Close Noah and reopen

26. You are presented with the Noah login showing the Active Directory login Active Directory user format (domain\user)