The Cloud as a method for data storage is becoming increasingly popular among small and large scale organizations.  With the popularity and widespread availability of cloud solutions, it has become easier than ever to backup important data online.

Noah users from all over the world are taking advantage of this technology, creating or simply storing backups of their Noah database in the cloud and finding that the convenience, peace of mind, and easy access make cloud storage a valuable tool.

Advantages of online storage:

  • Offsite backup in case of a hard drive crash or office disaster
  • Secure and encrypted data storage
  • Automated backup process
  • Access files from anywhere

What are the general steps for a cloud backup?

HIMSA will not be recommending or supporting a specific cloud storage provider but we can outline general guidelines for setting up an online backup for your Noah data.

  1. Decide on a cloud solution provider.  Cloud storage and online backup solutions are scaled from individual use to enterprise level solutions. Depending on the size and scale of your business there may even be free storage options that will meet all your needs. An internet search for top cloud based backup solutions will yield excellent comparison tools.
  2. Check that the online storage or backup solution is secure, that the data is encrypted during transfer and in storage.
  3. Investigate the interface used to access, backup, and restore the database. Pick a solution that is scaled to your business needs. In some cases you will direct the backup interface to the folders you wish to backup. In the case of Noah System the default backup location is C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Backup. The solution may automatically backup when any changes are made to the selected folder or at a time that you schedule.
  4. Test a Restore of the Noah database. It makes good sense to test a manual backup and restore of the Noah data using the online solution.

The option to store or backup Noah data to an offsite server, the cloud, makes good sense for business owners today. There are multiple secure and reliable solutions available to investigate, and the approach of not having all your eggs in one basket, i.e. not storing all your Noah data only on a local PC, is a great strategy to explore!