Note: This article does not apply for speech audiograms that are graphed, only the table setup.

Some locations have reported that certain speech test data created by measurement modules other than the Noah 4 Audiogram module, are not displaying in the Audiogram Module printed report.

In the Noah 4 Audiogram Module the speech tests that are displayed in the module and the speech tests that are printed out on the report are very specific to the test conditions and word list used. Most speech tests, if not already listed in the test pallet, can be added manually and displayed in the Noah 4 Audiogram module.

When it comes to the printed report for speech in table format, the word list used is currently critical to whether SRT, WR and WRN will display on the printed report. This means that some speech tests created in measurement modules other than the Noah Audiogram module may not appear on the printed report. HIMSA will make a change in the Audiogram Module in a future release that will have the Noah 4 Audiogram module disregard the word list when printing speech scores.

It is important to note that the Noah 4 Audiogram module was designed and made available for locations that manually enter audiometric test results into Noah System and Noah compatible business systems. If a location is using a measurement module specifically designed to support an audiometer, that module is usually the best option for printed test reports.

Which speech tests will print on a printed report from the Noah 4 Audiogram module?

All default Active tests print:
SRT: Threshold, Insert Phones, Spondaic Words, Unaided
WR: Discrimination, Insert Phones, Phonetically balanced, Unaided
WRN: Discrimination with Noise, Phonetically balanced, Unaided
MCL: Most Comfortable Level, Conversational Speech, Unaided
UCL: Uncomfortable Level, Conversational Speech, Unaided

Inactive tests that do print when made Active:
WR: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Aided 1
WR: Speaker, Phonetically Balanced, Aided 1
WR: Speaker, Phonetically Balanced, Unaided
MCL: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
SRT: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Aided 1
SRT: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
UCL: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
WR: Insert Phones, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
MCL: Insert Phones, MonoSyllabic, Unaided

Inactive tests that do not print when made Active :
WR: Bone Oscillator, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
WRN: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Aided 1
WRN: Speaker, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
WRN: Insert Phones, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
WRN: Insert Phones, No Word List, Unaided
SRT: Insert Phones, MonoSyllabic, Unaided
SRT: Insert Phones, Numerals, Unaided
UCL: Insert Phones, MonoSyllabic, Unaided