Using NOAHlink Properties 1.54 and higher on a Windows 7 machine will automatically install just the NOAHlink Properties program and use the NOAHlink Pairing Wizard to configure NOAHlink with the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

In some cases you may need to manually add a NOAHlink on a Windows 7 computer. There a couple things to check first:

1. Are you using the latest NOAHlink PropertiesNOAHlink Properties must be 1.54 or higher.

2. Did the location try to use an older version of NOAHlink Properties first? If so they may have tried to install the incompatible Laird/Ezurio driver. Be sure to uninstall this first.

3. By default on Vista and Windows 7 the Bluetooth notification is set to not display. This means that even if there isn’t a Bluetooth icon in the system tray the Bluetooth driver may still be functioning just fine.

4. On Windows 7 you can check for your Bluetooth setup at Control Panel, Hardware and Sound:

5. Click View devices and printers to check if the Bluetooth adapter is visible.

6. In the example below the Bluetooth drivers have been successfully installed, the adapter is visible under Devices:

7. If the Laird/Ezurio adapter is plugged in but no Bluetooth adapter is visible or it is visible with an error, it is possible the Laird/Ezurio drivers have been mistakenly installed on the computer. Click here for a solution.

8. To manually setup the NOAHlink in Windows 7 check that the NOAHlink is turned on and click Add a device.

9. When the NOAHlink is discovered select the NOAHlink and click Next:

10. Select Enter the device’s Pairing Code.

11. Enter the PIN or pairing code 1234 and select Next.

12. Click Close.

13. Next, launch NOAHlink Properties and Search, then Connect your NOAHlink in NOAHlink Properties.

14. Once you have successfully Connected, then Disconnect and close NOAHlink Properties.

15. Your NOAHlink has been successfully configured!