The NOAHlink log records all events that occur with your NOAHlink, including each time it is started up or shut down.

To configure the Log tab:

To change the current location of the log file, click Browse to find a new location or type a new file location in the Current location window.

To view entries in the log, click View.
To delete all entries in the log, click Clear.
To set the log level, click the pull-down menu at Log level and select:

  • None: No entries recorded
  • Basic: Errors, load operations, loging procedures recorded
  • Medium: Basic entries, methods called in driver and some diagnostic information recorded
  • Detailed: Medium entries and all other functions recorded

To set the amount of log disk space, click the pull-down menu at Amount of disk space to use. Select from the range (100Kb – 5 Mb).