Using the Connect Tab

When you install your NOAHlink, it is automatically setup to communicate properly with your computer.

In some cases, however, you may want to connect or disconnect NOAHlink manually. Here is how to use the Connect tab.

1. Open the NOAHlink Properties window – Click Start > Programs > NOAHlink > NOAHlink Properties.

2. Configure the Connect tab:

The Connect tab displays each NOAHlink with its user-defined name, serial number and connections status. The last NOAHlink connected to your PC is highlighted. The connection status can be:

  • In range – Located but actual status unknown
  • Available – Located but not connected to
  • Connected – Located and connected to
  • Connected by another program – Located and connected to another program on this PC
  • In use – Located and connected to another PC
  • Known – Not located, but the last NOAHlink connected to your PC
  • To connect to a NOAHlink, highlight the unit, then click Connect.
  • To disconnect from NOAHlink, click Disconnect.
  • To search for other NOAHlinks, click Search.
  • To rename a NOAHlink, highlight the unit of your choice, then click Rename. Enter the name. Press Return on completion.