Using the Settings tab

The Settings tab can be used to:

  • Change the language of the NOAHlink Properties program
  • Select the Battery type your NOAHlink is using, and to select the Battery waring sound
  • Access the Diagnostic, Advanced Settings, PerformanceVersions and Log tabs.

NOTE: Your NOAHlink must be connected before you can use parts of the Settings tab.

To use the Settings tab:

To set the battery type, you must first be connected to a NOAHlink. Click the pull-down menu at NOAHlink Battery type

NOTE: If you do not set the correct battery type, the battery-warning settings will be incorrect. Thus, you may receive a warning when the battery is working correctly, or receive no warning when the battery is low.

To set a ‘battery low’ warning, click Play SoundShow message box or both. Click Browse to choose a sound. Click the pull-down menu at Reminder in to set the time length before a reminder is activated.

To set the language, click Follow NOAH, or Select your preference.

To access the Diagnostic, Advanced Settings, PerformanceVersions and Log tabs, click Advanced Settings.