NOTE: This issue has been reported to Avast and we are expecting a quick resolution.


Error in fitting module trying to program, subsequent error in NOAHlink Properties. Noahlink properties will throw a driver error and/or there may be no version number in the NLP title bar.

If you try to reinstall NOAHlink Properties you will see errors, may include the examples below and likely an Avast dialogue:


1. Disable Avast 

2. Uninstall NOAHlink Properties, choose to Remove, reboot if prompted

3. Open Avast User Interface, choose Settings, Antivirus, Exclusions

4. Choose to Add an exception, add the path to the NOAHlink folder at C:\Program Files or (x86)\Common Files\HIMSA Shared\NOAHlink

5. Install NOAHlink Properties

6. Paired NOAHlink should still be present in the Pairing Wizard

7. Launch NOAHlink Properties, do a Search and Connect 

8. Enable Avast