DGA_BT-Drv launching NOAHlink Properties 1.56.03 when logged in with a Windows User Account with Basic Windows Security Rights


The purpose of this document is to describe the issue and then to give directions for fixing the problem so NOAHLink Properties 1.56.03 will function under a Windows logon which has only basic Windows user security rights.


If a Windows logon with basic Windows user rights is used to logon to Windows and then NOAHlink Properties is launched, the user will see the error message “DGA_BT_Drv Module has stopped working”. The reason for the error message is because the logging feature for NOAHlink Properties 1.56.03 is trying to write to a log file to a folder location that only a Windows administrator has access to. 

This problem has been solved in NOAHlink 1.56.04 that is now available from the download area of HIMSA.COM. It is also possible to manually fix the problem by following the steps below.

Work Around: 

HIMSA will be investigating a permanent solution to this issue. In the meantime, the below steps can be followed to enable basic windows users the ability to use NOAHLink Properties 1.56.03.

1. When the error message appears choose “Close the program”.

2. The Server Busy window will appear. Click on the close X to close the window.

 3. Click on “OK”.

4. NOAHLink Properties will now open.

5. Select the Settings tab on the NOAHlink Properties window.

6. Select the Advanced button.6.

7. Once the Advanced tab is selected and the NOAHlink Properties Advanced window appears, select the Log tab.

8. Go down to the Current Location data field. You will notice that the path is pointing to a temp sub directory in the Users directory. This path is what needs to be changed.

9. Change the path to point to the My Documents/Documents directory for the user account that is currently being used to log on to this computer. Please see the picture below.

If multiple people with different windows logon accounts use this computer, select a location on the computer that everybody has read/write access to.

10. Select the OK button once the path has been changed.

11. Exit out of NOAHlink Properties.

12. Reboot the computer. Once the computer reboots the user account that has the basic Windows security user rights can now use NOAHLink Properties.