Now and then, the message below may appear on a NOAHlink installation which has previously worked without problems:

NOAHlink driver error – Error writing to channel 0x80041708

This error message indicates:

  • The communication to the NOAHlink is lost.
  • The communication between the NOAHlink and the Bluetooth device is broken.

Try one of the following solutions:

Solution 1:

The problem is caused by NOAHlink kernel using an old software version.

  1. Download the latest NOAHlink Properties version.
  2. Follow the steps on the web site to update the NOAHlink Properties Program, and to upgrade your NOAHlink kernel as well.

Solution 2:

Remove and insert the Bluetooth device again.

Some Bluetooth devices seem to have a memory cache and when this is full the communication to the NOAHlink is broken and the error message will appear.

Other solutions:

Some other causes to this error message might be:

  • The Bluetooth device is broken.
  • An older version of fitting software is being used that does not support NOAHlink
  • NOAHlink loses its connection to the Bluetooth device when the Bluetooth device has been connected to a PC for more than 30000 seconds (eight hours and twenty minutes). HIMSA discovered an issue with the Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth adapter (part number BRBLU03-006A0-03), which causes this error. This is not an issue with Laird/Ezurio adapters (part number BRBLU03-HA6A0-01) which are delivered after January 7, 2006.