This method is an alternate to using the Noahlink Pairing Wizard to pair a NOAHlink with the computer, this method can be helpful troubleshooting connection issues.

1. Launch Devices and Printers from the Windows 7 Start menu, with Windows 8 or 10 search for Devices and Printers

2. Find the Noahlink listed under Devices

3. Right click and choose Remove device

4. Check that the Noahlink is powered on

5. Select Add a device

6. When Windows finds the Noahlink (sometimes refers to it as Handheld Computer) select and chose Next

7. Here you are prompted to select a paring option, choose Enter the devices paring code

8. Many times Windows will try to add its own pairing code and you will have to Retry until you get the option to enter the paring code

9. Enter paring code 1234

10. The Noahlink will be successfully added to the computer

11. Right click on the Noahlink just added to Devices, choose Properties, Service tab, and verify that there has been a COM port established, Click OK to close Properties

12. Lastly, launch Noahlink Properties, Search, and Connect to the Noahlink