NOTE: Use this tab if your PC is running slowly or cannot retain a connection to NOAHlink. This tab tests data transfer rates from the PC to NOAHlink.

1. Click Start Programs NOAHlink NOAHlink Properties. Open the Settings tab. Click Advanced. Open the Performance tab.

2. To begin the speed test, click Start. Each time you press Start, the window is reset.

3. Click Stop when the MinMax and Average fields remain unchanged. The test stops automatically if you leave the Performance tab.

4. If the Average figure (listing the average transfer rate of data from your PC to NOAHlink) is very low (under 100), you may wish to try one of the following:

  • Try an extension cable from the computer to the adapter. Some Bluetooth adapters include this cable – if not, be sure to purchase a quality, insulated cable.
  • Change the location of the adapter. If it is placed directly on the computer, too much noise may influence the signal.

5. If the transfer rates are 0, the Bluetooth adapter may be defective.