For complete information on installing Noahlink Wireless, please refer to the Noahlink Wireless User Manual in your preferred language.

Noahlink Wireless is a USB plug-and-play programming interface enabling you to wirelessly fit hearing Instruments from licensed manufacturers. For a  list of hearing instrument manufacturers who use Noahlink Wireless, click here.

To install Noahlink Wireless you can use the following procedure:

1. Before you connect Noahlink Wireless make sure that you have the approriate fitting software installed. The Noahlink Wireless driver is installed during fitting software installation.
IMPORTANT: If for some reason the drivers are not automatically installed, they areĀ available here.

2. After successful fitting software installation attach Noahlink Wireless to any USB port on the PC using the supplied USB cable. A 2-3 second solid green light indication will confirm that Noahlink Wireless is powered.

3. Performing a wireless fitting can sometimes be challenged due to number of factors related to equipment setup, and the
physical layout of the fitting environment.

  • Place Noahlink Wireless on the table with a clear line-ofsight to the hearing instruments, which should be within a range of 10 feet (3 metres).
  • Avoid placing the Noahlink Wireless in a USB hub with other USB devices (e.g. Bluetooth dongle), as this can decrease the efficiency of the Noahlink Wireless.
  • When fitting hearing instruments inside a sound booth place the Noahlink Wireless inside or close to the booth.
  • It is recommended not to use USB cables between the Noahlink Wireless and the PC exceeding a length of 10 feet (3 metres).

4. You are now ready to start fitting wireless hearing instruments.