Status as of October 11th 2021 – Windows 11 is currently not officially supported for use with HIMSA products. We therefore recommend that you wait to upgrade your Noah System PCs until testing is complete.

Last month, HIMSA performed limited testing on a pre-release version of Windows 11, and we are happy to report that no issues were found in our preliminary test of Noah 4.

Now that Windows 11 has been officially released, HIMSA has begun more complete formal testing. This will allow us to officially support Windows 11 for each of our products.

More on our Testing

HIMSA will perform testing using the latest release (Noah System 4.13) and we plan to complete the process within 30 days. This will include testing for Noah System and Noahlink Wireless, as well as the NOAHlink programming interface, which is no longer for sale.

Once our testing is successfully completed for each product, HIMSA will announce official support of Windows 11 for that product on our website and in our newsletter publications.

Noah Modules and compatible systems

Important: Our upcoming Windows testing is for HIMSA products only, and does not include testing for Noah modules and Noah-compatible business systems.

Immediately following the completion of HIMSA product testing, HIMSA will incorporate Windows 11 into the HIMSA Certification Process.

For Noah 4 module certification, we will first make support for Windows 11 optional for 6-9 months. If you plan on using Noah System on Windows 11, we suggest that you first make sure that the Noah modules you use most are certified for Windows 11, or contact the module manufacturers directly for more information.

For Noah-compatible business systems, the manufacturers are in complete control of what operating systems they wish to support. Before you make the switch to Windows 11, contact your business system vendor for more information on when they plan to support the new operating system. We also suggest that you make sure that your Noah modules are certified for Windows 11, or contact the module manufacturers directly for more information.

We will provide testing updates on this page as more information becomes available.