Downloading Noah System

The full Noah System download in the table below can be used to:

  • install Noah System on a PC for the first time
  • upgrade a previous Noah System version already on your computer.

Installing Noah for the first time

If you are installing Noah System on your PC for the first time, the software will remain operational for 45 days after installation. To use Noah after this time, you will need to install a Noah license. Contact your Noah distributor for more information.

Noah System version 4.12.0 (build 4882)165 MB, released June 2019

IMPORTANT: Please click here to read additional installation guidelines before installing Noah System 4.


Upgrading your Noah System software

If you are already using a previous version of Noah 4, HIMSA encourages you to upgrade your Noah installation using the download link above. However, if you network your installation of Noah 4 (share a common database with other PC’s) then there are a few items that you must consider first before upgrading.

Please click here to read important guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Due to additional security features in the Noah 4 database, uninstalling Noah and going back to Noah 4.3 or earlier will cause Noah System to be unable to communicate with the database.

Previous Noah System versions

To download older versions of Noah System click here.