Having to manually remove Noah from a machine is rare troubleshooting step, but in some cases a necessary last troubleshooting step.

The following steps will give a clean start for a Noah 4 installation:

1. If Noah can launch, and the machine is the server or has a local database, export the database from Noah to an nhax file or Backup from the Console.

2.If Noah is not functioning, the renamed database files in step 6 below can serve as a backup.

3. Close Noah 4 

4. Uninstall Noah 4 from Control Panel, Programs 

5. Uninstall all Noah modules, the Journal, Noah 4 Audiogram, and Questionnaire

6. In the HIMSA Shared folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

  • rename the NOAHCfgDatabase.sdf to NOAHCfgDatabase.old
  • rename the NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.sdf to NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.old
  • delete all files in the HIMSA Shared folder except the renamed database files, the Noahlink folder if present, and the noah4.lf 

7. In the Noah 4 folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\HIMSA, delete all contents except the backup folder.

8. At C:\ProgramData\HIMSA rename HIMSA to HIMSAold

9. Install Noah 4

10. Launch Noah

11. Import your NHAX file, Restore backup, or stop services and rename the .old database files created in Step 6, back to .sdf.

12. Browse to the C:\ProgramData\HIMSAold\Noah\Backup\NoahClient and grab a backup of the client settings.xml file that contains the locations of modules in Noah.

13. Rename the empty client setting .xml at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah to clientsettings.clean and copy in the backup