Some hearing care professionals will choose to move from Noah System to a business system that is integrated with Noah Engine.

In this case it is necessary to obtain and register a conversion license that will switch the license from Noah System to Noah Engine.

The conversion license is obtained from the business system supplier.

When you register a Noah conversion license, be prepared to provide both the conversion registration number and the Noah System registration number.

This is a good opportunity to check that you are correctly licensed for Noah with a unique Noah System license at each office and have updated business name and addresses for each license. This will ensure you can get the correct number of Noah Engine conversion licenses you require.

The Noah System registration number can be found on the proof of purchase that came with the Noah package. The Noah serial number can be found at Help and About in Noah, the serial number can be used by support to look up the registration number.

HIMSA’s licensing policy is the same for Noah System and Noah Engine. Details are found here.

To register:

  1. Navigate to and select ‘Register your Noah license’ from Quick Links on the home page:
  2. Enter the Noah Engine conversion number provided by the business system supplier
  3. Next, enter the Noah System registration number that you are converting
  4. Download the License.exe and install

The Noah Engine registration number and serial number are now your current Noah license.

If the location decides to move back to Noah System after a time of using a compatible business system, the Noah Engine license in place will still be valid for Noah System.

The list of Noah-Compatible Management Systems is found here.

The list of HIMSA certified Noah Management systems is found here.