NOTE: This issue has been fixed in Noah 4.9 and later.

In Noah 4.8, the Database Administration, Tools, functions of Restore, New Database, Repair and Compact will give the message ’…one or more Noah Clients is connected to the Server. Please close all Noah clients before proceeding.’ Even after restarting the Noah Server and Noah Client services you may not be able to complete these functions.

Please note that the Backup function is NOT affected.

This message results from the Search for Duplicate Patients tool being connected to the Noah server. This is an error on Noah’s part and will be fixed in the next Noah release.

The workaround for this problem is below:

1.  Click OK on error message.

2.  Click on the Search for Duplicate Patients from the left pane.

3. Enter login details if requested.

4. Click back on Database Administration, Tools, and select the database function required.