HIMSA has worked hard to ensure that installing Noah System 4 is as easy as possible. This means that most users can simply install Noah System 4 and Noah 4 modules then begin working right away.

Use the following short checklist to prepare for your Noah 4 installation.

Does your computer meet the Noah 4 minimum requirements?

As a rule, Noah System 4 can run on most computers. However, it is always a good idea to check the minimum requirements just to be sure. You can view them by clicking here

Is my measurement equipment ready for Noah 4?

Perhaps the most important thing to ensure is that your measurement equipment, such as your audiometer, will also run in Noah 4. Some measurement equipment may require a software and/or hardware update from the manufacturer in order to run with Noah 4.

We therefore suggest that you contact your measurement equipment supplier for more information on Noah 4 compatibility.

Do I have the Noah 4 modules I need?

To find out which fitting and measurement software can run in Noah 4, use our Noah Certified Modules search list by clicking here. The certified modules page allows you to search for modules based on module name, manufacturer and/or language.

To obtain Noah fitting and measurement modules, you will need to contact the manufacturers.