A Noah Engine license can only be used with Noah-compatible management systems provided by HIMSA member companies. The Noah Engine license is necessary to enable Noah functionality within these management systems. The price for a license is set by each member company.

The Noah Engine license is not per computer or per user but rather per site.

 A Noah Engine license may be used:

  • on multiple computers at one customer site/address/office. 
  • for occasional patient visits away from the site/office, within reason. For example, an office audiologist is welcome to use the office’s Noah license to visit schools or nursing homes. 

A Noah Engine site license is not sufficient if a practice:

  • has more than one site/office. If a customer has multiple sites/offices, they will need to purchase a license for each office, even if all their offices share the same central database.
  • has Noah users who spend the majority of their time offsite on patient visits.

For detailed information on Noah licensing requirements, refer to Best Practice for using your Noah site license.

Illegally used Noah Engine licenses may be disabled at HIMSA’s discretion.

For more information, contact your Noah-compatible management system vendor.