Once every three months, HIMSA recommends that you completely discharge, and then recharge your battery. This ensures that the rechargeable battery is always working to its fullest capacity, and also helps to extend its lifetime.

The entire process will take approximately 15 hours. You will be unable to turn on your NOAHlink while charging or discharging its battery.

IMPORTANT: HIMSA strongly recommends that you use the rechargeable battery that comes with your NOAHlink unit. If for some reason you need to use a different battery in your NOAHlink, please follow these guidelines:

  • A NOAHlink battery must provide between 1.2 and 1.5 V.
  • We highly recommend that you choose a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, since it can be recharged in the NOAHlink cradle.
  • If you choose another type of battery, such as an alkaline battery, you must NEVER attempt to recharge it in the NOAHlink cradle, even though it claims to be rechargeable. This may result in battery leakage and damage to the NOAHlink unit.
  1. Place your NOAHlink unit in its charger cradle, matching the front of the cradle to the front of your unit.
  2. Attach the charger cradle to the power adaptor and plug this into a socket.
  3. Press the discharging button on the charger cradle. A red light at the front of the unit remains lit while discharging takes place.
  4. As soon as discharging is complete, the charger cradle automatically begins to recharge your NOAHlink and a green light is displayed. NOAHlink will be fully charged in approx. 13 hours.