Since the Laird/Ezurio drivers will not work on computers with Windows 7 or Vista operating systems, HIMSA supports using the Microsoft Bluetooth drivers for the Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth adapter. You can just plug in the Bluetooth device to the machine when prompted to by the NOAHlink installation wizard and the operating system will automatically detect and install the Bluetooth drivers.

If the Laird/Ezurio drivers have been accidentally installed on the machine, you can solve the problem by following this procedure:

1. Remove the Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth device from the computer.

2. Open the Windows Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”.

3. Uninstall the Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth software.

4. Reboot the PC

5. Run NOAHlink Properties installation program 1.54 (or newer), run the Pairing Wizard and plug in the Bluetooth device to the machine when prompted.

6. If after plugging in your Laird/Ezurio adapter you do not see the message that your hardware is installed and ready to use, follow the additional steps below:

  • Make sure that you are able to see Hidden Files. This option is set in Vista at Control Panel->Folder Options->View, and in Windows 7 at Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options->View. Select Show hidden files and folders.
  • Next, launch My Computer and locate the file: C:\WINDOWS\inf\bth.bak. Rename that file toC:\WINDOWS\inf\bth.inf.
  • Plug in your Bluetooth adapter. Windows will install the Microsoft Bluetooth stack on your system. Message will tell you your hardware is installed and ready to use.

7. Run the Pairing Wizard to complete the NOAHlink setup.