NOAHlink Properties 1.55 and higher offers support for the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack. The update that enables communication between the NOAHlink and the Toshiba drivers is in the NOAHlink kernel:

  • The NOAHlink needs kernel version 1.55 or higher to be able to communicate with the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers
  • New NOAHlinks that ship with the latest kernel version 1.55 and higher will communicate out of the box on a laptop with the built-in Toshiba Bluetooth
  • In the case of an older NOAHlink the kernel can be updated on a different PC and then communication can be established with the Toshiba Bluetooth
  • The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack will not use the Pairing Wizard to set up the connection but will use the Toshiba interface

Following are steps to setup a NOAHlink on a laptop with the Toshiba Bluetooth stack and the Toshiba interface:

The following describes how to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Manager to pair your PC with NOAHlink:

1. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and select Bluetooth Settings.

2. In the Bluetooth settings, select New Connection

3. Select Express Mode (Recommended) and click Next.

4. Select your NOAHlink and click Next.

5. Click Next.

6. The Bluetooth Settings will display your NOAHlink if it is successfully connected.

7. Insert your NOAHlink CD version 1.55 into your PC to run the NOAHlink setup. When the above screen appears make sure to uncheck the box at Run the Pairing Wizard. Click Next to complete setup. 

8. In Windows, click Start > All Programs > NOAHlink > NOAHlink Properties Program. Open the Settings tab and click Advanced.

9. Open the Advanced Settings tab. Set the COM Port high to, for instance, 99. Click OK

10. Open the Connect tab and click Search.

11. If your NOAHlink appears in the list, highlight it and click Connect.

12. The status should change to Connected.

13. Disconnect your NOAHlink and close the NOAHlink Properties window. Your NOAHlink should be set up and ready for use.