This page takes you through the most important issues you need to check before ordering NOAHlink.

NOAHlink minimum requirements

NOAHlink can run on any PC that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for Noah System software. For more information, see the Noah System minimum requirements page.

The expected lifetime for a NOAHlink is five years. However, the actual lifetime may vary from unit to unit.

Compatible Noah modules

NOAHlink is supported by most hearing instrument manufacturers. However, not all Noah certified fitting modules support NOAHlink.

Therefore, it is very important that you make sure that NOAHlink is supported by the modules and instruments that you work with on a daily basis.

  • For a list of hearing instrument manufacturers with Noah modules that support NOAHlink, click on the NOAHlink Certified Modules link in the right-hand menu.
  • For a list of all hearing instrument manufacturers who support or plan to support NOAHlink, click on the NOAHlink member companies link in the right-hand menu.

NOAHlink programming cables

As with HI-PRO, you must have NOAHlink programming cables for the hearing instruments you want to program. These cables are much thinner and shorter than those used with HI-PRO. In addition, HIMSA and its member companies have worked hard to share common programming cables wherever possible.

Ask your hearing instrument distributors for your NOAHlink cables at the same time you ask to receive their NOAHlink-compatible Noah  module.

Bluetooth interface

In order to use NOAHlink, your computer must have a Bluetooth interface.

Laird Bluetooth device included with NOAHlink

HIMSA supplies an Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth device with NOAHlink, and recommends this device for use with NOAHlink.  All HIMSA release testing and HIMSA certification testing procedures are performed using the Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth device.

Other Bluetooth devices

HIMSA does not test NOAHlink with other Bluetooth devices. However, in principle, NOAHlink should also communicate satisfactorily with other Bluetooth devices which use the Widcomm/Broadcom, Toshiba and Microsoft Bluetooth stack, such as Belkin and IOGear devices. Although HIMSA does not officially support these alternative devices reports from the field appear to indicate satisfactory performance.  If an installation has problems with inconsistent communication (e.g. connection to a hearing instrument is lost during a fine tuning) HIMSA recommends switching to the provided Laird/Ezurio Bluetooth device.

Built-in Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth is also an option on many new laptop computers. HIMSA’s compatibility claim and support stance is the same as “Other Bluetooth devices”.  If you have a computer with built-in Bluetooth your best chance for success is to install NOAHLink version 1.55 or newer as the installation process is more suited for built in Bluetooth.

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