IMC – Inter Module Communication – allows direct communication between Noah fitting software and Noah real ear measurement (REM) software. IMC direct communication is needed by hearing care professionals to:

  • validate hearing aid fitting by in-situ thresholds and REM measurements,
  • be able to verify fitting against a prescribed target. The targets used can be proprietary fitting targets, REM software provided targets or standard targets (NAL, DSL… Etc.)
  • see the aided measurements from the REM software so they can adjust fitting to match the target.

IMC allows the fitting software to control the communication process and data needed for these tasks can be transferred using the IMC protocol.

Inter module communication has been standardized and is documented in the IMC protocol and Noah modules tested for compliance with the IMC protocol 2 will be able to communicate. Each certified fitting module that supports IMC protocol 2 will list the REM modules it has been verified and tested with.