The Noah icon may hang after launch, and you are never presented with a login screen.


In cases of a power outage or computer crash it has been reported that Noah will not launch, but only displays the Noah icon or error 50181

It may be that the BusinessSystemSettings.xml file has been corrupted. This file contains basic information Noah needs to launch, like language version, installation type, profile name, and server name.

To resolve:

  1. If the Noah icon is hanging, end process on Noah 4.exe
  2. Locate BusinessSystemSettings.xml at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah
    (For help locating hidden xml files click here.)
  3. Right click on the file and choose Edit. If the file is blank, the file is corrupted.
  4. Close the file. Then right click, choose Rename, rename the file extension .xml to .old
  5. Launch Noah