The NOAH_SERVER_ERROR error is linked to the Noah 4 license file, it indicates the file is either not installed or is not able to be read by Noah System.


  1. Check to be sure the Noah 4 license has been installed. The file is noah4.lf and is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\HIMSA Shared. At some locations, workstations have been pointed to a server machine and never have installed a license file locally. They then might configure Noah to launch locally at the workstation and can receive this error.
  2. If the license file (noah4.lf) is present at C:\Program Files\Common Files\HIMSA Shared then restart the Noah Server and Noah Client Services and try to launch Noah again.
  3. It may help to reinstall the Noah license. Locate the Noah registration number, download the license from the HIMSA website and install.
  4. If this still does not resolve the error, antivirus could be the problem. The component that checks for the availability of the license file is called Noahlklwp.exe, check to be sure this file has not been blocked by an antivirus program.