This page has everything you need to know so you can make a Noah database backup from start to finish as well as check out the frequency and location of the database backup that Noah is automatically running for you. 

Why back up?

When you back up your Noah database, your data is safe. You can restore your Noah database in case of data corruption or damage to the computer itself. Or use the backup to move your Noah database to a new Noah installation on a new computer.


Back up to your Noah database using the Noah Console

The Noah Console is the spot to view options and settings for the Noah database backup. The Console can be found in Windows under Programs, HIMSA or in the Noah menu at File, Noah Console.

Under Noah Console Tools choose Database Administration and then Tools.

Next click on Backup and just that quickly you will have a full backup of the Noah database with a notification that you were successful and where the backup was located:

To change or view the location of the Noah database backup, or change the default automatic backup timing, click on the Backup Scheduler tab. 

Noah 4 is set to automatically backup your Noah database so if the frequency, timing, and location is right for your office, you are done.

If not, you will find under the Backup Scheduler tab the option to change the timing of the backup and to navigate to a different folder location for the backup file if desired.

Storing Noah database backup files

The backup files are stored by default at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Backup\Database. You can set your Noah backup to any location of your choosing. For added protection you may want to consider changing the backup destination to a different machine and to a secure location so that only authorized users have access to database backups.

Consider storing the Noah backup files to a different storage device from your computer’s hard drive, that way if your hard drive gets damaged you can still restore the Noah database. To learn more about cloud storage options for the Noah backups, you can read more here.

Some businesses like to take an extra precaution to protecting the backup files by not storing the files on the same computer where the database is present.  It is possible to change the location so that the backup files are place on another Windows computer, typically an office file server.  See this page for more details.

Also, be aware that back up files are not appended. Each time a Noah backup is run a new file is created and stored at the folder location you have selected. From time to time you may want to purge backup files that are no longer needed.