If you cannot locate or connect to the NOAHlink, or you connect but then lose your connection, please try the following suggestions:

First be sure you are up to date:

  • Check to see if you are running the latest version of NOAHlink Properties. The version is displayed in the title bar once you launch the program. Click on Download NOAHlink Properties to the right of this page to check for the latest released version. 
  • Check the version of the NOAHlink kernel, and if necessary update the kernel. The kernel version is displayed in NOAHlink Properties, under Settings, Advanced, Versions. In order to check and/or update the kernel you need to be able to Connect to the NOAHlink. 

Next, check out The Basics:

  • Make sure NOAHlink is powered on.
  • Launch NOAHlink Properties and Search for the NOAHlink. If status is Available click Connect and then Disconnect. The NOAHlink should now be available to the fitting module
  • Try using an alkaline battery, the rechargeable may be at the end of its usable life
  • Try a reboot of your NOAHlink; remove the battery, reinsert, and power back up
  • Try unplugging your Bluetooth adapter and plugging it in again
  • Use an extension cable from the computer to the Bluetooth adaptor

    NOTE: The Laird/Ezurio device that is shipped with the NOAHlink includes a cable. If using any other Bluetooth device, make sure to purchase a quality, insulated cable.
  • Change the location of the adaptor. If it is placed directly on the computer, too much noise may influence the signal. Position the Bluetooth device as high as possible, PC-height should be adequate and vertically – this ensures that the in-built antenna can perform optimally.

Try some Troubleshooting:

  • If the NOAHlink can connect in NOAHlink Properties, run a performance test. If the result is 0 or very low, the Bluetooth interface is probably defective and should be replaced.
  • Remove, re-add, and manually pair the NOAHlink thru Devices and Printers
  • Check in Device Manager to be sure that you are not trying to use both internal Bluetooth and a Bluetooth adapter, as this will cause conflicts. If you decide to use a Bluetooth adapter,  then right click and Disable the internal Bluetooth.
  • If trouble persists contact you NOAHlink Distributor for more in-depth troubleshooting help.