Noah ES Large Company Case Study

In 1995, hearing aid acoustician Hans-Dieter Borowsky and ENT doctor Dr. Theo Wesendahl partnered together to start auric hearing systems in Rheine, Westphalia. Their vision: to create an interdisciplinary cooperation between the audiological and medical fields.

Since the beginning, auric has partnered with ENT doctors to create a “shortened supply route”. This allowed patients to receive hearing aids from all major manufacturers, directly through their ENT practice.

28 years later, and auric is now a leading provider of hearing solutions in Germany and Switzerland, with nearly 500 employees, over 126 offices in Germany and Switzerland, and over 200 cooperating ENT medical practices.

One thing hasn’t changed however.

auric still relies on partnerships and innovation to provide the best patient care possible.

For example, auric has collaborated with the Hanover Medical School (MHH), to develop the auric remote fitting system (aRFS), which enables people with hearing implants to have close-to-home technical and audiological follow-up care.

And auric has recently developed a new type of hearing training app, in partnership with the German Hearing Center in Hanover (DHZ). The “audis” app is designed for people who need to relearn how to hear after a long period of hearing loss, and includes the APHAB questionnaire, making it possible to measure training success.

Maybe these are the reasons why auric was recently awarded a first place in the “Hearing Acoustician” category of the German Health Awards in 2022.

“The fact that our commitment was rewarded with the German Health Award is a great honor for us,” adds Jan Feldeisen, CEO. “However, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. Rather, we want to continue working to ensure that our customers, employees and business partners feel comfortable at auric.”

Partnering with HIMSA and Noah ES

auric’s reliance on partnerships and innovation permeates all aspects of their business, including their management systems for employees and partners. That’s why, when it came time to update their integration with Noah, they chose to partner with HIMSA and make the switch to Noah ES.

“Our integration with Noah needed updating and we had to decide what to do,” stated Markus Piepel, Quality Management Representative (QMR). “Since the current interface was very maintenance-intensive in our application, the decision to switch to the Noah ES cloud solution was very easy.”

In February of 2023, auric became a HIMSA business system member company, allowing them to integrate Noah ES with the own practice management system. The switch has gone relatively smoothly, with the help of HIMSA support.

“The biggest challenge was the migration of old data as we had a lot of legacy data there,” stated Piepel. “In addition, our use case requires that external users only see their patient groups and all internal users must see all patients. Since these assignments are made automatically when patients are created, support was needed in the development of the interface. We have always received this support from the HIMSA team.”

The integration took less than 3 months, and the Noah ES integration was online in May 2023.

Also immediately, however, auric contacted HIMSA.

“At the start of Noah ES, we had a performance problem, which resulted in too much data being loaded and processed at once by too many users,” stated Piepel. “However, HIMSA acted quickly and provided us with more performance. Noah ES has been running smoothly ever since.”

Noah ES, the innovative choice

“We are very happy with Noah ES because it supports the way we work with Noah. Our maintenance effort has also been reduced enormously,” stated Piepel.

“However, the biggest advantage,” continued Piepel “is that the settings we made in the head office are directly available in all our practices. That makes the work faster and also a bit more dynamic.”

Would auric recommend Noah ES to other hearing care businesses?

“Yes, we could definitely recommend the Noah ES system,” stated Piepel. “We think, the price is very reasonable.”

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