Noah ES integration Case Study

Suno Software is no stranger to new technology.

At the forefront of cutting-edge practice management solutions (PMS) for audiology clinics, Suno is renowned for its innovative approach.

Omar Kiyani,
Co-Founder and CEO at Suno

“Our platform is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, comprehensive business analytics, and dynamic patient engagement and marketing tools, said Omar Kiyani, Co-Founder and CEO at Suno.”

A key highlight is Suno’s AI-powered technology, specifically designed to revolutionize physician reporting and charting. This feature streamlines documentation processes, enabling more precise and efficient report generation and chart management.

 “By automating these essential tasks, Suno Software not only reduces the administrative burden for audiologists,” said Kiyani,  “but also elevates the accuracy and quality of patient records, positioning our product as an indispensable tool in the evolving landscape of audiology practice management.”

Noah ES – advanced tools for audiology practices

That’s why when it came time to integrate with Noah, Suno chose the cutting edge option. HIMSA had just released the Noah ES integration option earlier this year.

“We chose to integrate with Noah ES over Noah System due to its advanced cloud-based capabilities, offering greater accessibility and scalability,” said Kiyani. “This decision aligns with our commitment to innovation and providing our clients with the most advanced tools.”

Kiyani sees many advantages for Suno customers.

“The cloud-based nature of Noah ES ensures real-time data syncing, accessibility from multiple locations, and enhanced security – benefits crucial for modern audiology practices,” said Kiyani.”

Easy Integration a Big Plus

With so many cutting edge features, you might think that Noah ES would be difficult to integrate for a PMS provider. Not at all.

”The integration with Noah ES was completed efficiently in 5 weeks,” said Kiyani. “Our alignment with cloud technologies and a strong focus on seamless API interactions facilitated a smooth and rapid integration process. We encountered no major challenges, thanks to our team’s proficiency and the synergistic compatibility between our systems and Noah ES.”

Exceptionally happy with their decision

Suno’s overall impression of Noah ES is highly positive.

“We appreciate its modern architecture, emphasis on security, and the way it simplifies data management for audiology clinics,” said Kiyani. “We are particularly impressed with Noah ES’s real-time data synchronization and its robust security protocols. For instance, the real-time syncing feature ensures that our clients’ data is always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere, enhancing operational efficiency.”

Better yet, it’s also easy for their customers.

“The ease of migration from any existing Noah System to Noah ES is a significant advantage,” said Kiyani.  “This seamless transition capability allows clinics to upgrade to this advanced cloud-based system without the typical complexities or data migration challenges. This smooth migration process, coupled with the superior security measures, makes Noah ES an exceptionally reliable and user-friendly platform for audiology clinics.”

Would you recommend Noah ES integration?

“Absolutely, we would recommend Noah ES integration to other practice management software developers. Its advanced features and cloud capabilities offer significant benefits.”

“The seamless integration, ease of use, and robust functionality of Noah ES meet our high standards,” continued Kiyani, “and we are pleased with its performance and capabilities. This satisfaction with Noah ES reinforces our confidence in choosing it for integration and in its potential to continually evolve and meet the dynamic needs of the audiology sector.”

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