If your PC is running the Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating systems, you must use NOAHlink Properties Program version 1.54 or later. To download the latest version of the Properties Program, Visit the NOAHlink download page.

1. Select one of the following options:

  • Use the Laird Bluetooth device supplied with NOAHlink: Do NOT attach the Laird device until advised to in the following steps.
  • Use an ALREADY installed Bluetooth device other than the Laird device supplied with NOAHlink: In the following steps, use your own Bluetooth device instead of Laird.

2. Place a rechargeable/alkaline battery in NOAHlink. If you are using the rechargeable battery supplied with NOAHlink, first charge the battery (click on the Charging/Recharging link in the left-hand menu for instructions). This will take up to 13 hours.

3. Remove NOAHlink from its charger cradle (if you have placed it there while charging the battery).

4. Place your NOAHlink unit not more than five meters from your PC to ensure adequate wireless communication.

5. Turn on your PC. Turn on your NOAHlink.

6. An installation CD is provided with NOAHlink. Put this into your disk drive. If the program does not begin straightaway, use Windows Explorer to locate the Installation folder and double-click on Setup.exe.

7. Select your setup language and click Next.

8. After preparation completes, click Next.

9. The Install Shield Wizard Complete window appears. Click Finish.

10. Follow the guidelines on the screen and plug your Bluetooth device into your PC. Position the Bluetooth device at PC height, and vertically, to ensure optimum performance.

11. The Found New Hardware Wizard may appear. If so, click Next to install the software automatically.

12. Ensure that NOAHlink is still turned on. (If NOAHlink remains idle for more than 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off.)

13. The NOAHlink Pairing Wizard window appears. Press Search to search for NOAHlink devices.

14. The program searches for your NOAHlink. When a list of devices appears, select the NOAHlink you wish to use. Click Pair NOAHlink.

15. A window appears stating The NOAHlink device was successfully paired. Click OK.

16. Verify that NOAHlink can connect in the NOAHlink Properties Program. (Refer to Connecting and disconnecting NOAHlink).

Optional extras

1. If you have more than one NOAHlink unit, it is recommended that you attach one of the name labels that are included in your NOAHlink package to the back of your NOAHlink and write a suitable name on this label. To name NOAHlink via your PC:

  • Open the NOAHlink Properties window – Click Start > All Programs > NOAH System > NOAHlink > NOAHlink Properties.
  • Open the Connect tab.
  • Highlight your chosen NOAHlink. Click Rename. Enter the name. Press Return.

2. For a list of hearing instrument manufacturers and the status of their NOAHlink support, refer to the link on the right of this page. Only fitting modules supporting NOAHlink can be used with this unit.

3. For instructions on how to program a hearing instrument with NOAHlink, refer to Using NOAHlink.